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Prop Trader Challenge

Continue to learn through M.T.I. member services, improve your trading capabilities, and help you challenge and win up to 100,000 in trading funds and 80% of profit dividends.


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M.T.I. Global Cooperation Master

A number of top instructors from Asia are brought together to provide investors with a comprehensive investment learning experience, helping you to grow rapidly on your trading journey.

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Hoàng Dzũng
  • 9 years of professional trading experience
  • 6 consecutive years of average annualized returns of more than 100%
  • In-depth trading strategies and practical training to enhance students' trading skills
  • 6 years trading experience
  • Earned 100x profits in 3 years
  • Multiple implemented and proven EA strategies.
  • 5 years of financial hosting experience
  • Over 300 live broadcast hosting experience
  • Experienced trainers sharing unique market insights

Professional systematic learning resources

The M.T.I. platform provides advanced educational courses and practical tools, including real-time trading signals and strategy notes, to help you comprehensively improve your investment skills and optimize investment efficiency.

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Student evaluation

M.T.I. really provides a wealth of financial information, especially their membership services. Not only can I watch videos and learn, but I can also deepen and accumulate my experience in financial investment by reading articles. I also opened a personal account on this platform and subscribed to my favorite live broadcasts and teachers. The functions of this platform are really comprehensive and super convenient to use!
As a female trader who has been engaged in foreign exchange trading for ten years, I think M.T.I.'s live broadcast platform is really great. It gives me a good place to share my experience and knowledge, and also to communicate with other traders. exchanges and interactions. While trading here, I can also gradually optimize my trading system through interaction with the lecturers. I really learned a lot!
As a new investor, M.T.I. is really a good place to learn. In the live broadcast, I can see how analysts analyze the market and make transactions, and I also learn a lot from their suggestions. I also especially like chatting with the lecturer during the live broadcast and exchanging opinions and experiences with other users. This is really helpful for me to improve my financial knowledge and investment skills!
I'm really satisfied with the overall experience with M.T.I. After all, trading is a personal responsibility, but the terms offered by M.T.I. are fair and thoughtful. From the challenge to entry fee refunds and multiple withdrawals, the process was smooth and fast. The customer service is responsive and effective, which is a total win-win for me!
After using M.T.I.'s trading signals, my view on trading has completely changed! These signals are not only accurate, but also update extremely quickly, allowing me to always get the upper hand in the market. Every time I operate according to the signal, the effect is very significant, which really helps me increase my profits a lot. And the customer service staff are also very kind. They always respond quickly when I have questions, which makes me feel very safe.

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