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Cikgu Awi


  • 14 years trading experience
  • Produce more than 5000 successful traders
  • Provide Solutions For Traders including entry signals and trading skills

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MTI X 九叔聊匯


  • Full-time operation for 11 years
  • Over 800 speeches/lectures
  • The annual return in foreign exchange trading exceeds 6,000 points

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  • 6 years trading experience
  • Earned 100x profits in 3 years
  • Multiple implemented and proven EA strategies.

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Hoàng Dzũng


  • 9 years of professional trading experience
  • 6 consecutive years of average annualized returns of more than 100%
  • In-depth trading strategies and practical training to enhance students' trading skills

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  • 5 years of financial hosting experience
  • Over 300 live broadcast hosting experience
  • Experienced trainers sharing unique market insights
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