Our Story and Global Reach

At Monster Trading INC, we believe that trading is not just an activity, but a skill that can be honed and mastered. Our academy was established in 2019 and has been dedicated to providing investors with significant learning value for years, enabling them to build confidence in trading and investing. We teach participants to understand and capitalize on market volatility, turning what many fear into a strategic advantage. First tier master traders are handpicked through an extensive talent screening process. Initially offering offline courses and later expanding to online, we have built up a large and loyal student base. In March 2023, we set up a team of Malay speaking instructors to teach live online in the Malay region. In June 2023, we established a team of Vietnamese tutors to replicate our effective teaching methods and experience. Now, we are preparing to launch our Taiwan team and are looking for talented traders, instructors and students to join our growing team.


Over 100,000 students admission


Train over 9,000 outstanding investors


Organize more than 2,000 live teaching sessions

Linking theoretical and practical live courses

At Monster Trading INC, our live courses include real-time market analysis, the latest trends and trading strategies.

Our team of instructors are experienced trading professionals who not only have a strong theoretical background, but also a wealth of real-world experience. They are able to provide practical insights and guide you to avoid common trading pitfalls.

Comprehensive and In-depth Online Course Program

At Monster Trading INC, we offer three main online course programs designed to quickly reshape and improve your investing skills.

The comprehensive coverage from basic to advanced and the multi-level program structure ensures that students have a comprehensive understanding of every important area of investment trading.

One-on-one Instructor Guidance

Our team of one-on-one instructors are experienced traders. Not only do they have a wealth of practical experience in the market, but they also have a strong foundation of theoretical knowledge. Whether it is technical analysis, risk management, or trading psychology, they can provide in-depth guidance.

Our Mission and Achievements

Monster Trading INC's mission is to help investors grow quickly, master key industry secrets, develop effective trading strategies, and develop the ability to extract wealth from the markets. We have trained over 100,000 students worldwide to develop their own trading strategies and identify market opportunities. Four years of excellence and more than 30,000 students have proven the effectiveness of our services.

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