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Understanding Your Challenge

Before you can officially take control of a real account with tens of thousands of dollars in real money, we need to recognize your profitability and risk management skills. To do this we have designed challenges that you can achieve to prove that you are a disciplined and experienced trader.

Step 1
Evaluation Stage
Step 2
Live Stage
Challenge Period
Account Validity Period
90 Days
90 Days
Targeted Trading Day
The effective target trading days are calculated based on any newly opened or existing position orders on the same day, and must accumulate to a minimum of 10 days.
10 Days
Maximum intraday drawdown limit
Your intraday trading drawdown loss must not exceed 4% of your starting capital. In other words, the maximum reduction in your account equity on any trading day should be controlled within this limit.
Cumulative maximum drawdown limit
During the challenge period, your cumulative maximum drawdown should be controlled within 6% of your initial capital. This means that the maximum reduction in account equity from the beginning to the end of the challenge should not reach or exceed this drawdown limit.
Targeted Profit
Over the duration of the challenge, your account's profit amount needs to reach 10% of the initial capital. This means that before the challenge concludes, the cumulative profit from all closed orders must meet this criterion.
Challenge Fee
When you join our challenge, you will be charged an entry fee. But don’t worry, when you successfully pass the challenge and get the first profit share on the real capital account, we will refund the full registration fee to you, so you have no worries.
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Profit Withdrawal
Upon successfully completing the trading challenge, 80% of the profits earned during the subsequent 90 days of live trading with the funded account will be eligible for withdrawal as your dividends.
80% Profit Commission

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From introductory to advanced levels, learn to trade, complete assessments and earn rewards, the Monster Trading Academy is free for anyone who wants to become a professional trader. Are you ready to join us?

We offer 1-on-1 professional trading coaching that focuses on developing good trading habits and the right mindset. Each trader will receive customized guidance and solutions to help you grow steadily in your trading career.

We offer a full range of professional customer support in 11 languages. Whether you are at the challenge stage or at the live stage, via email, phone or live chat, we will always provide you with continuous and efficient assistance.

M.T.I. Global Cooperation Master

A number of top instructors from Asia are brought together to provide investors with a comprehensive investment learning experience, helping you to grow rapidly on your trading journey.

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Hoàng Dzũng
  • 9 years of professional trading experience
  • 6 consecutive years of average annualized returns of more than 100%
  • In-depth trading strategies and practical training to enhance students' trading skills
  • 6 years trading experience
  • Earned 100x profits in 3 years
  • Multiple implemented and proven EA strategies.
  • 5 years of financial hosting experience
  • Over 300 live broadcast hosting experience
  • Experienced trainers sharing unique market insights

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Strategy self-selected free operation

You can choose hedging or independent trading strategies, but please note that EA automatic programs are not supported.

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